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Removing cockroaches is challenging since cockroaches are mostly nocturnal and capable in living in almost any setting or environment, needing little food to live on. Because they typically prefer to stay hidden in cracks and crevices, they can grow rapidly from a small problem to a full-on infestation. Call the exterminators at Peninsula Pest Control Ltd to help you with cockroach removal services today.

Cockroaches use water, electrical, and heating systems to make their way through your home or building. Like most nocturnal creatures, they’ll hide during the day and come out when you’re asleep to feed on different food sources, so you need to make sure to check and seal all cracks and crevices. The most common species found in North America are the American, Brown, German, and the Oriental. When you call the professionals at Peninsula Pest Control Ltd, we’ll be able to identify the type of cockroach you have living in your home or office and properly take care of the problem for you.




First Signs

When it comes to cockroaches in your home, here are some of the things to look and listen for:

  • Unfamiliar and unusual smells – An established infestation will create an unpleasant odour that will linger and taint anything they come in contact with
  • Droppings – You’ll see brown or black cylindrical droppings if there isn’t a lot of water available to the cockroaches
  • Smear marks – You’ll see brown, irregular-shaped smears if there’s a lot of water available
  • Skins – Cockroaches will shed their skin 5-8 times as they mature, usually found close to where they’re sheltering

These signs can usually be found in more commonly humid spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. You should also check your drains and openings below porches and decks.


        Keeping your kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basement areas clean, sterilized, and contained is paramount to cockroach control. Things that you can do yourself to deal with a cockroach infestation include:

        • Sealing up any ways they can move through your home, including plumbing and pipes, outlets, sinks, cabinets, and fixtures
        • Limiting access to food and water by ensuring your sinks do not drip
        • Keeping all food in tightly sealed storage containers
        • Cleaning up after preparation of food and eating so there isn’t any residue left

        If you can’t clear up the problem yourself, or simply do not want to, call the professionals at Peninsula Pest Control Ltd. Our team of trained professionals will come in to assess your situation and create a plan for safe and efficient cockroach removal for your property. 


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